CRPD Grant Application

CRPD Application

If your organization has received funding consecutively in the last 3 years-you are not eligible for a 4th year.



Volunteers Needed

Please fill out the following regarding needed Volunteers:

Please attach a document that is no more than two pages in length that provides the following information (items (f) and (g) should be included as separate sheets and should not be a part of the two page summary):

  1. A brief mission statement for your organization, please include a description of the constituency your organization serves, and a statement of purpose regarding the project for which you seek the JLF’s assistance.
  2. Description of the goals and objectives of the project.
  3. Description of the population served by the project.
  4. Timeline for implementation of the project.
  5. A summary of the role that JLF volunteers will play in the event/project. Please include information on the number of volunteers needed and the number of hours or length of shift required for each volunteer as well as times of day for volunteer activity. Please be specific.
  6. Total projected budget for the project. This must be a detailed budget.
  7. Provide a list of your current Board of Directors or Advisory Board.

Grant applications will be reviewed and finalists will be contacted to arrange for a presentation with the CR/PD committee and possible Junior League members.

All property or material purchased from the CRPD Grant funding will display the Junior League of Fayetteville logo.